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Useful Information Websites

You can access these Websites for Fire Safety Information, Advice and Resources

Fire Risk Assessments

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Building Regulations

DCLG (Department of Communities and Local Government) is responsible for building regulations, which exist principally to ensure the health and safety of people in and around buildings

All you have to know about Building Regulations

Fire Safety Training

Have you or your staff had fire safety training on what to do if a fire broke out in the workplace? More importantly, do they know how to reduce the risk of fire?


See our Fire Safety Training Page

Carbon Monoxide Information

Information and advice about carbon monoxide and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Fire Extinguisher Help and Information

Useful information about fire extinguishers, the different types, how to use them and where each type should be located

See our Fire Safety Training Page

Fire Doors

Useful information about firedoors can be found in this guide from the Door and Hardware Federation