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Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training

Warden Marshal Certified Tailored

We offer two types of certificated Fire Safety Training courses:

  • Fire Awareness Course
  • Fire Wardens (Marshals) course

Our Fire Safety Training courses are provided by highly trained Engineers who have Industry and Fire Service experience as well as the maximum regulatory qualifications.  The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that commercial premises require at least 1 nominated Fire Marshall/Warden in every 20 staff. The nominated Fire Marshall/Warden must be trained in fire safety and emergency evacuation procedures.  It is strongly recommended that all staff members have some knowledge of fire safety and emergency procedures.

All our Fire Safety Training courses meet the requirements of the Fire Precautions Act, Health & Safety at Work Act and The Fire Precautions Workplace Regulations Act.  Our courses are bespoke; i.e. not a standard exercise.  We plan and design the contents of the course to best meet the specific needs of your business.  This way you and your employees get maximum benefit from a course that is relevant.

Courses can be provided at your workplace or at State of the art Training facilities at Barn Meadow House, Great Harwood, Lancashire.


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