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CCTV Maintenance


Regular CCTV maintenance is important to ensure your CCTV systems perform at its optimum level. We offer annual cover at flexible and competitive rates. Many of our customers are already signed up and enjoy the peace of mind and cost savings CCTV maintenance contracts bring. Contact us for a free quote – we will take over CCTV equipment installed by other companies too.

Service visits are arranged to coincide with extreme seasonal changes, once during the autumn to ready the system for the winter and once in spring to check the system after any harsh cold conditions.

Typical CCTV Maintenance visits include:

  • Check cameras, clean lenses and adjust as necessary.
  • Check functionality of PTZ cameras.
  • Check connections.
  • Check power supplies
  • Check switches for correct operation
  • Check recorders for correct functionality and recording quality, adjusting parameters as required to meet current operating conditions.
  • Check operation of telemetry and communications equipment.
  • Check operating system, application software and file structures and carry out system diagnostics on computer based DVR’s and NVR’s
  • Check monitors, clean screens and adjust to optimum picture quality.

Nationwide coverage

We provide our services to businesses all around the UK, regardless of the size or industry. So wherever your business might be, just give us a call and let us do the rest.

Call out Service

We understand that problems can happen at any time, especially outside our scheduled visit times. We are available to have your premises attended for any maintenance on a call out basis should you ever need it.

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