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We are have the highest Industry Accreditations. We are proud of our achievements and even more proud to be able to pass on our extensive Industry experience and accreditations to our clients.

You can learn more about each organisation below and why they are important when selecting the correct company to look after your fire and safety needs.


BSI (British standards Institution) ISO 9001:2008

 BSI (British standards Institution)

What is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management?

An ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System helps us to continually monitor and manage quality across all operations. As the world’s most widely recognised quality management standard, it outlines ways to achieve, as well as benchmark, consistent performance and service. With ISO 9001 we can put in place processes that allow us to improve the way we operate at all levels. 

  • Allows us to become a more consistent competitor in our marketplace

  • Better quality management helps us to meet client needs

  • More efficient ways of working will save time, money and resources

  • Improved operational performance will cut errors and manage revenue

  • Motivate and engage staff with more efficient internal processes

  • Win more high value clients with better customer service

  • Broaden business opportunities by demonstrating compliance


BSI (British standards Institution)

 BSI (British standards Institution)


As a company, we wanted to be regulated and audited by an external auditor company that commanded the highest industry reputation and the most stringent auditing processes. As such, we chose to work with BSI.  Their reputation speaks for themselves and we wanted to partner with the best in the industry.

You may download our BSI ISO 9001:2008 certificate here.


The Environmental Agency

The Environmental Agency

Environmental Policy

We recognise that businesses can have a negative impact on the environment. We are committed, and enjoy, finding ways in which we can reduce the impact of our work both in the office and when work takes us away from the office.  We are fortunate in our line of work that we aren’t required to purchase great quantities of materials and that we don’t produce much waste.

It is our policy to:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and requirements

  • Recycle all waste material possible

  • Reduce the amount of waste material produced

  • Avoid the use of paper wherever possible. For example, sending quote documents as PDF files

  • Avoid the use of postal services, saving on transportation and on paper (envelopes). For example, emailing invoices and statements of account

  • Recycle equipment that is no longer of use to the company. For example, we give away items such as computers and printers that we no longer use to charities

  • Aim to reduce our gas heating usage

  • Keep energy usage low. For example, making use of low energy light bulbs throughout and using schedules to ensure computers are shut down after work

  • Reuse waste paper (from the printer) where possible, making use of the blank side for notes etc

  • Always to make use of recycling schemes by the printer manufacturers (to recycle toner cartridges and drums)

  • Purchase products made with recycled paper. For example, laser paper, toilet paper

  • Purchase products with a lower environmental impact.

  • Use low impact transport for travel to and from work and travel for business.

  • Avoid unnecessary travel by making use of instant messaging, video and audio conferencing, telephone and email

We aim to regularly review our Environmental Policy and seek to reduce our impact each and every year.

We have Waste Carriers licence from the Environmental Agency.

You may download our Environmental Agency Waste Carriers Licence here.


BAFE (British Approvals of Fire Equipment)

BAFE (British Approvals of Fire Equipment)

BAFE is an independent inspectorate body who inspect fire companies to ensure they are working to the highest standards.  They command the highest standards and are recognised as the Industry standard in this discipline. Any company carrying the BAFE logo and accreditation has been assessed on their systems and services to ensure they comply with the required standards to install and maintain professional fire systems.

Regular Inspections

BAFE check all our systems, engineers, procedures, insurance, false alarm analysis, maintenance completion times, call out response and much more.

The following organisations all recommend you have an approved service and system in place:

  • The Government

  • Insurance Companies

  • The Fire Brigade

  • The Association of British Insurers

  • Local Councils

Legal Requirements

As part of The Regulatory (Fire Safety Law) Reform Order (The RRO) a fire safety provider should be able to prove his competence in his chosen field, just as with Gas or Electricity. The Government now recommends that you should choose a company who is approved with a 3rd party inspectorate such as BAFE.  A building owner, manager, landlord, responsible person or any person who owns, runs the business or looks after the alarms system cannot pass on liability to a fire safety company by simply saying they chose a fire company to do this work. You should be able to prove you chose a competent company to look after fire safety requirements in accordance with The RRO.  Only by choosing a company who has passed the high standards of BAFE can you ensure you have a professional service and system in place with the added peace of mind that you are covered.

Choose peace of mind, choose professionalism…………choose a BAFE approved company

Fire Brigade Requirements

The Fire Brigade now recommends you have your systems / service installed by an approved company through a 3rd party inspectorate such as BAFE.  The Fire Brigade recommends you chose a BAFE approved company to carry out your fire safety work.

Take advice from the very best professionals and seek a BAFE approved system.

Insurance Requirements

Most insurance companies recognise the need for a professionally installed and maintained fire system.  Insurance companies need the peace of mind that a professional service will be in place and that all measures have been taken to ensure fire safety is of the highest standard. That’s why the major insurers and most insurance organisations now recommend or specify a BAFE approved company to install or maintain fire safety systems and services.

Our Membership of BAFE

We have long been accredited to and have passed the high standards of BAFE. As part of our membership we will provide a certificate of conformity for every installation completed, Simply pass this onto to your insurance company to prove you have an approved system in place.

Regular Inspections

We are inspected by an approved inspector of BAFE every 6 months to ensure all office procedures, maintenance & installations are being carried out to the highest standards & comply with regulation.

BAFE is your guarantee you are dealing with an approved company and you can therefore be confident that the company:

  • All engineers and employees have been security screened in accordance with the relevant British Standard

  • Holds appropriate company insurance

  • Can provide 24 hour engineer call out facility

  • Can respond to an emergency call out by having an engineer on site within 8 hours

  • Is competent to install and maintain fire systems

  • Has sufficient staff to provide the services offered

  • Operates from suitable premises with high security of documents & records

  • Can install systems that are eligible for Fire Brigade Response

  • Can install systems acceptable to your insurer

  • Installs & maintains systems that are in accordance with the relevant standards

  • Is subject to regular inspection to check the standard of work

  • Issues a certificate of conformity for each system

  • Engineers and surveyors carry ID cards

You may download our BAFE certification here


IFEDA (Independent Fire Engineering & Distributors Association)

IFEDA (Independent Fire Engineering & Distributors Association)

IFEDA is recognised as one of the best organisations in the Fire Safety Industry in providing Fire Safety Engineers Training and refresher courses. IFEDA courses are recognized and accepted by BAFE and other agencies such as Fire Brigades, Insurance Companies and Local Authorities.  As such, our intention is always to keep our engineers trained to the highest standards and subject them to regular checks via refresher courses.

You may download our IFEDA certification here


CHAS (The Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme)

CHAS (The Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme)

CHAS is established as the market leader for health and safety pre-qualification in the UK. It is available to suppliers (those who provide goods and services) and to organisations (buyers) looking for suitably competent suppliers.  You as a client can therefore have complete confidence in our Health and Safety Procedures, Protocols, Training and Insurances.

You may download our CHAS certification here.




We are a member of Constructionline. This is a government approved scheme that vets our Financial, Health and Safety, Resources, Organisational and Technical ability. This provides our our clients the confidence to do business with us knowing full well that our systems and working practices are sound.

You may download our Constructionline certification here.